USB Mini Travel Iron

Rechargeable and Ultra-slim Mini Card Type Hot Presser Clothes Shirt Tie Travel Iron

Travel accessory that could save you some embarrassment during a date or interview.


Ironing is something that has to be done in a room and not outdoors. However here’s one really portable mini iron that lets you iron on the go.This Mini Iron is used to iron your clothes to keep them as original ones. It is the World’s smallest flat type clothes iron. Crimps and wrinkles on your clothes are a near impossibility to avoid while traveling.

Usb mini ironportable-iron-usb


The USB iron can be powered by USB using the standard USB cable connected to an AC adaptor or directly from a laptop’s USB port. Not only that, it can also be powered by 3 AA batteries for true portability. In battery mode, you can put it in your pocket and activate as and when you need it.

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